Our services of design and construction of stands, Interior, Kiosk, graphic printing and installation and other corporate/marketing events begin when client gives their detailed requirement.

Our Design and Production Team are working hand in hand to come up with a competitive design proposal and a reasonable costing, once approved by the client, will go into production.

We have in-house well experienced team composed of designers, carpenters, electricians and painters led by a Project Manager with more than a decade experience in the same industry which are responsible for designing and constructing of exhibition stand, kiosk, interior and other events from start to end of the project.

Interior Design

Extensive knowledge and various experience creating an innovative design with high quality materials that suits the venue/site/government standards:

  • Office interior
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Residential
  • Renovation
  • Fit-outs
  • Kitchen, cabinet and counters
  • Gondolas, etc.


Design and construction of exhibition stands around the globe from a wide range of Industries Food, Technology, Automotive, Medical and a lot more.

Our Teams experience allows us to understand our clients’ needs easily from designing to construction.


We make sure our clients tell their success stories through brand unique design and presentation. We magnify your brand visibility with our world class design and comes with high quality materials with a minimal cost impact.


We also cater Printing and installation of Indoor and Outdoor Graphics and Signagesfor marketingand other purposes.